Talkshoe Show Replay with Jennifer Bennett

Jen Bennett, My Soul Mission

“So good! Very rewarding!” – attendee in chat room today

Did you miss today’s Women’s Battles Radio Show with Jennifer Bennett of My Soul Mission, on women struggling about being “enough” and comparing themselves with others? It was SO good  – I knew it would be!

The women in the chat room enjoyed it and were blessed, and I believe it will bless you, too. Just click here to listen to the replay.


Do you struggle with feeling “good enough?” Do you compare yourself to other women who YOU think are more beautiful, thin, smart, successful, happier in marriage, a better mom than you?

If so, consider joining me for one-on-one Stepping Stones coaching, which will help you to have:

  • confidence instead of feeling like you don’t “measure up” to other women
  • fulfillment from walking in your purpose and passion instead of emptiness and confusion
  • knowing your authority in Christ instead of feeling intimidated and fearful
  • intimacy with God instead of distance or too much “busyness” to have a relationship with Him
  • closer relationships with others in your life vs. keeping people at arms’ length
  • peace and happiness instead of turmoil and unhappiness
  • motivation and moving ahead with your purpose vs. being stuck and frustrated.

To learn more, click here.



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