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What’s new: my last Vlogmas of 2022, Cultivate speaking event, my new book, and one-word 2023

Hi there! I’ve got several exciting things to share with you today!

First, here’s my last Vlogmas 2022 (vlogs that are about Christmas – a vlog is a video + a blog). I share about creating a miniature Christmas tree for our daughters Eden and Leah from Ray’s mom’s (their “Mimi”) Christmas crafts. She made me one with bears when Ray and I first married, and made another with snowmen that I gave our daughter Heather when mom passed away, as Heather (and I) loves snowmen.

You can see the finished adorable trees, as well as me wrapping and mailing gifts, and our daughter Leah’s, Ray’s, and my Christmas gifts we got, set to Christmas music, on the vlog.

I’m still learning HOW to vlog, but it sure is FUN! I’ve been watching other vloggers on YouTube about Vlogmas & travel vlogs.

Below is the link to my last Vlogmas of 2022:

My last Vlogmas of 2022

Cultivate: Christian Creative Symposium


I’m so excited and honored to be one of the speakers for Teresa, Jen, Chrischa, and Ken at their Cultivate: Christian Creative Symposium, an online conference for Christian creatives–designed for the way God wired you. It starts tomorrow until January 7, 2023.

It is FREE for you to attend!

There is also an All Access Pass and you can get $10 off when you use my coupon code JONES at registration.

The speakers and topics sound amazing! You can sign up at the link below. My speaking presentation is called, Shine Like Stars: Use Your Gifts to Make an Impact. I’ll also be on the live panel on Thursday, January 7, to answer any questions.

Photo source by Alexander Andrews @ Unsplash

One word 2023: Light
Shine like the stars!
Photo source by Alexander Andrews @ Unsplash

Do you have a one word for 2023?

Before the beginning of each year, I pray about the coming new year and ask God for a “one word.” I used to do new year’s resolutions, but broke them within the first month (or the first week!). A one word gives me a “theme” and sustains me through the year and I ask God for a Scripture, too.

Below is my video and my podcast about my one word and 2 Scriptures for 2023. What is yours? Email me and let me know!


My one word for 2023. What is yours?


Podcast (It is the first podcast at the top of the page):

My one word for 2023. What is yours?


Walking With God cover

What’s New:

My new book, Walking With God: In The Prophetic Lifestyle

I had a goal to finish writing my newest book by the end of 2022 — and I DID it! Whoo hoo! The Kindle eBook is now published and live, for sale on Amazon. My goal is to eventually get it into print (physical) book form, too.

Prophecy is a beautiful spiritual gift that God has given us for Jesus’ glory. The apostle Paul exhorted believers to “earnestly desire to prophesy.” I share about what prophecy is and its function in the Body of Christ and about my own exciting experiences learning about and using this precious gift.

You can find out more about this eBook at the link below. This is my book #27 (and I’m still writing!). If you do buy it, please leave a review, as positive reviews help authors build credibility and to make more sales. This is an investment into the Kingdom of God!

Just $2.99!

Walking With God: In the Prophetic Lifestyle

I’m still decluttering, organizing, and cleaning to make room for the NEW. It is very freeing to declutter and throw things out or give them away. I’m praying for mine and my family’s and your best year ever. Each new year (and each new morning) is God’s fresh start for us. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Beth M. Jones, International Speaker, Author, & Coach

Have a beautiful day or night.




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