The soothing quiet

woman praying¬†The house is quiet today. Ray is at work on a 24-hour shift, our daughter Leah is hanging out at a friend’s house, and it’s sprinkling outside. Yes, it’s blissfully quiet…

It’s not often that I have moments¬†alone like this(or there’s no noise – my family seems to love noise!). ¬†The housework is done for the most part. My blogs are categorized now, and I added my blogroll today. ¬†A few more loose ends to tie up, and my work for this week is done.¬† I can rest.

In today’s busy world, quietness and rest is rare. We’re constantly bombarded by noise. All that noise affects our well-being. It’s hard to hear God’s still, small voice when we are surrounded by constant, loud¬†sounds.¬† Psalm 23: 2 says, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.”

Jesus knew the importance of solitude and silence. He often went away alone to the mountains to pray, to spend time with God.¬† (John 6:15)¬† As we sit at God’s feet, listening for His heartbeat, we will hear Him tell us how much He loves us. He soothes the noise and agitation in our souls, and gives us His peace.

Madame Guyon, a French writer in the 1600’s who was imprisoned by the Roman Catholic Church as a heretic for her beliefs, wrote on silence:

“There are three kinds of silence.¬† Silence from words is good, because inordinate speaking tends to evil.¬† Silence or rest from desires and passions is still better, because it promotes quickness of spirit.¬† But the best of all is silence from all unnecessary and wandering thoughts, because that is essential to internal recollection, and because it lays a foundation for a proper regulation and silence in other respects.”

It’s hard to do all three, isn’t it? But it’s so necessary. Today, find that¬†refreshing place of silence.¬†Get away from the noise.¬† Release the stress, those worries, that long, to-do list. ¬†Be still. Be quiet. And hear Him. Let God’s love and peace wash over you. Jesus’ burden is easy and light. Give it all to Him, and just soak in the quiet. ¬†It is balm to the soul.



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