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A bad day and the moon, an ice cream cone, and praise music

Yesterday I had a bad day.  It was just one of  “those” days. When I sat down at my office desk to work on my new mini-training, Conquer the 3 P’s, I began having “techie” trouble with my laptop.

So being the mature, Christian woman that I am (haha!), I had a meltdown. I confess that at one point, I literally SCREAMED because I was so frustrated! Ray and I were broke. (We’re between paydays right now!). And there’s other “life stuff” going on that is stressing me out right now. 


Image resource: Unsplash

I finally got the tech trouble resolved. Then last night I spontaneously went to get an ice cream cone from Sonic. It just sounded good!

I drove to park in a closed store’s empty parking lot, staring up at the bright, beautiful moon, and listened to praise music on K-Love radio station as I slowly ate my ice cream cone. The praise music uplifted my spirit. I could breathe again, and exhaled….finally feeling peace after the turbulent day. 

ice cream cone

ice cream cone
Image resource: Unsplash

It didn’t solve the world’s problems, or even mine really. But it helped my stress (at least temporarily!).

“Ice cream is happiness condensed.” –Jessie Lane Adams

woman worshipping

Woman worshipping God

Yes, I know sugar isn’t the answer and if too often indulged in, it can do much more harm than good, so please don’t lecture me on this, lol. I do believe that it was just getting away a moment and the praise music which refilled me. But ice cream once in a while doesn’t hurt!

What do you do when you’re having a bad day?



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