A Busy Woman Dreams

Tonight I found this poem browsing the net. It’s a little dated (I certainly don’t have a blue gown and don’t usually purchase lace!), but I enjoyed it – especially about the books -and thought you might, too.

A Busy Woman Dreams


With a careless air,

I shall say,

I will be gone for the day!

I shall put on my blue gown,

And in a leisured way

Go to town.

There, I shall stop

At the newly opened shop

Where they keep such lovely things,

And, in an unhurried way

Choose from some intriguing place

A richly colored robe,

Or some fine old lace;

Then, I shall browse

In the bookstand nearby,

Selecting some new book…

Tomorrow, I shall put

All waiting tasks upon the shelf

And spend one easy, carefree day

With my own self.

Katherine Edelman



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