A new achievement: dinner!

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today is Day 31 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – the final day. Whoo hoo, I made it! I didn’t blog all 31 days during October, but I did blog for the majority of it. Yes, I feel accomplished!

The suggested topic for today is to tell everyone what has happened to your blog and/or life over the past 31 days; to share a celebration post or any goal you’ve achieved (the motivation, challenges, and benefits); or wrap up with a couple of favorite posts.

I am now achieving a goal that my husband Ray has wanted me to achieve our entire 22 years of marriage: preparing good-tasting dinners (in the south, we called it “supper”; I live in Missouri and sometimes still call it that). This has been a dilemma in our marriage because Ray loves to eat and I hate to cook! Cooking over a hot stove for an hour or hours is, to me, akin to water torture.¬†

Ray and Beth in grocery store in Israel

Ray and me

But our oldest daughter Heather introduced me to Wildtree healthy products. Click here for her link to the website and to learn more about these amazing products. They are free of GMO’s, MSG, preservatives, additives, food dyes, pesticides, insecticides, and are organic. That is the best part!

Secondly, you prepare the meals ahead of time when you buy your groceries (being careful to read labels at the grocery store, too, to buy the healthiest food possible), and it totally solves the “What’s for dinner tonight?” question every night!



For my first order of Wildtree products, I chose the Slow Cooker Sensations¬†bundle to cook meals in the crockpot. Ray LOVED every one of them! He was so happy to get delicious meals each night (instead of ordering pizza or us running to Sonic!), and I was happy to not have to cook…the crockpot did it for me!

Our daughter Leah liked them, too.¬†I only wish I’d discovered this 22 years ago when Ray and I were first married…it would have solved a lot of problems! I can’t tell you what a relief this is to Ray and me both…it’s the answer for dinner hour!


freezer bags

freezer bags

The only challenge is that you do have to prepare the freezer meals all at once, which takes awhile. There’s lots of fresh veggie chopping (onion, bell pepper, celery, red potatoes, etc.). It also takes awhile, if you’re not used to it, to read labels at the grocery store and shop for all the ingredients…then after that, you come home and prepare the meals. Count on several hours to half a day for this.

fresh veggies

fresh veggies to chop

But the great thing is that once you’re done, each day all you have to do is put your meal in the crockpot…no more cooking over the stove, unless you prefer those meals. Wildtree offers a large variety of recipes and products for you, which I plan to try out.¬†

Yes, it is a multi-level marketing business, but I’m not doing that part. I am joining the club to get the discount on products and more importantly, to make healthy meals for my family and me…and to not have to cook all the time! LOVE IT!


Woman smelling produce

“It’s easy to impress me. ¬†I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.” – Maria Sharapova





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