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A pitcher of living water: Jo-Lynne at DCR Design

Unselfishness is a rare quality these days. We’re all so busy, preoccupied, and distracted with our hectic lives, that we often don’t think about or even want to help others.

Yet it is what Jesus did. Jesus had an extremely busy schedule. He had a full day’s work every day when He began his ministry in his 30’s, after the test in the wildnerness. People would not leave him alone. They were always trying to talk to Him, ask questions of Him, and get something from Him. Talk about people being in your space and draining you! He had to go up to the mountains late at night, just to get away from the crowds. He had to get alone with God to hear His voice, and to get the instructions, strength, and anointing that He needed for the next day.

But the people were why Jesus came…to save them. To love them. To help them. To befriend them. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3: 17)

Jesus is called the Living Water (John 4:10), and we are to be pitchers of His living water, to give hope, encouragement, and help to others. I have seen this rare, precious quality of unselfishness and God’s heart of giving in Jo-Lynne, who is the blog designer at DCR Design, and who just finished my new blog design. DCR Design is at

Jo-Lynne did an incredible job, and I absolutely LOVE it! She went beyond the call of duty as a blog designer, being so patient with me as I made the difficult decisions on which graphics to use, the new blog title, what I wanted for the navigation bar, etc. I am extremely technology-challenged, so she had to endure the longest email thread in probably her and my email history combined, with all the uncertainties about what I really wanted and my relentless questions.

The final product is great, and one that I feel truly reflects me, my essence, and my blog’s purpose. And I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this blog’s new design, title, and, of course, the posts.

I just want to thank Jo-Lynne publicly for her generous spirit and her long, hard hours of work on this. I pray God’s greatest blessings on Jo-Lynne, her family, and her business/ministry. I encourage you to go to her site and to do business with her.

There are a variety of blog designs to choose from for your blog; she can do a custom design. They are just so cute, so pretty, so unique! Her prices are very reasonable. She is extremely creative, has great ideas, and will work with you until you find what it is that you want ~ even when initially, you are not sure what that is! She is professional, extremely prompt, efficient, and was such a pleasure to work with on this blog design. And her work is excellent.

Thanks, Jo-Lynne! You’re the best!




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    I luv it mom!!! She did great!

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