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A spill on your favorite handbag

Madelynn Miche bag

If you didn’t attend my fourth webinar, Seasons of Stretching: Shaped and Equipped For Your Great Purpose, you missed powerful, anointed teaching sessions by Jane VanOsdol and Mary Kane of¬† The three of us had a lot of warfare the week before and the day of the webinar, so I knew it was going to be good!¬†¬†We pushed through the battle in prayer and Jesus Christ gets the glory!¬† Initially we had trouble with the audio, but we got through it. (Gotta’ love tech stuff!)¬† ¬†Those who attended were greatly blessed and encouraged.

Here is what one attendee, Susan, said:

“What a joy it was to attend your webinar yesterday. The topics of prayer and passion resonated with me. What Jane referred to as a ‘prayer strategy’ is something I’ve done for years, which is to ask God how to pray. Then wait. See what God brings to your mind. I like the fact that she said to write it down, because sometimes I forget what God wanted me to pray for a certain person, especially if it was more than one thing that I need to remember…I’ve often been told that I’m passionate in my pursuit of God… If I was less intense in my pursuit of God, my life would be more normal and ho-hum. But is that why I’m here? I was just so pleased in my soul to be affirmed that pursuing God with passion is actually something we’re commanded to do in Scripture.”

Jane’s and Mary’s teaching left us all with more of a hunger to pursue God.¬† Thanks so much, Jane and Mary, for sharing these messages on creating prayer strategies and living God’s great purpose. You both did wonderful!

After the webinar, I wanted to do something to just relax and have fun, so I went with our daughter Heather to the Bank of Blue Valley’s unique¬†Ladies’ Night Out. They had free hor d’oeuvres and drinks, door prizes, and over 30 vendors for shopping.¬† Some of mine and Heather’s favorite booths were Arbonne skin care¬†and the adorable, chic Miche bags.¬†

I love the story of how the Miche¬†bags got started!¬† On the way home from work in 2004, Michelle Romero spilled something on her favorite purse. She¬†felt frustrated and¬†didn’t want to transfer everything from her bag to another one. She wished there was some way to just change the outside of the bag.¬† So she¬†took the bag apart, and with super glue and scrap fabric she made her very first Miche purse.

Michelle showed the prototype to her friend, Annette Cavaness who was an accessories buyer.¬† They worked on a business plan, perfected the product, met with a patent lawyer and a sourcing agent, and Miche bags became reality – and it’s now international!

From a spill came something splendid. Think of the “spills” in your life – the accidents, the mess-ups. You know, things you wish you had a “do-over” chance for today. Take heart and hope.¬† God can take our worst moments and our weaknesses, and turn them into something beautiful and useable¬†for His glory.¬†

Just like the four webinars I have done the past few months, where there’s been minor tech issues as I have learned the ropes doing them. ¬†Were the webinars perfect?¬† No.¬† Did the speakers do awesome?¬† Yes!¬† Was Jesus Christ lifted up and exalted? Yes. And that is all that really matters.¬† ūüôā



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