Pit Crew - NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Coca-Cola 600
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Who are you accountable to? Who is on your Pit Crew?

“Accountability breeds response-ability.” – Stephen R. Covey, Speaker/Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Jesus is coming back soon and we as Christian believers don’t have time to mess around. It’s time to use your gifts for God and fulfill your purpose and mission. One way to ensure you do that is through accountability.

Businessdictionary.com defines accountability as:

The obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. It also includes the responsibility for money or other entrusted property.

To be accountable is the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; the willingness to accept responsibility; to account for one’s actions. (Merriam-Webster.com/Dictionary).

Accountability is vital for personal and business growth and success.

Good men prefer to be accountable. – Michael Edwardes, former Chief Executive and Chairman of British Leyland motor giant

For 2014, I’m accountable to 5 groups of people:

  • My speaking/business coach, Rochelle aka “Shelley” Valasek. Shelley has been speaking professionally for over 15 years, and is one of the most anointed speakers I’ve ever heard. As a speaking coach, she is the perfect combination of love, wisdom, understanding, practical knowledge,and kick-your-butt-in-gear-and-no-excuses coach.
  • Tony Robinson and Shelley Valasek, in our “The Master’s Mind” mini-mastermind group, where we pray for each other, brainstorm creative ideas and share fresh insights about our own and each other’s businesses/ministries, and stay accountable to each other for our business goals and fast action steps;
  • Donna Partow as part of her 90-Day Renewal program, The Ultimate Year. I’m blown away by all Donna offers in this program: her 50 page ebook, videos, audios, a Facebook private group for support and accountability, and weekly live prayer and coaching calls – plus a live event coming up in May 2014, where we’ll all be able to meet Donna and each other face to face (can’t wait!!! I’m praying to be able to go!);
  • My prayer/accountability partner, Doreen Penner. Each Tuesday after lunch, Doreen and I talk by phone to discuss what we’re working on this week – our most important goals/priorities. Doreen is one of the most professional, polished speakers I’ve ever seen and a deeply insightful and a wise coach who helps women to discover their brilliance and experience transformation in life and business. She’s also a loving, trustworthy friend.
  • My team of 7 intercessors who pray for me, my family, and my business. At the end of December 2012, God spoke to my heart that I was going “up” another level in the coming year, and that I needed to get a team of strong intercessors to pray for me and my family (new levels, new devils). I’m so glad I did this because there was intense warfare! Do you have people praying for you?
Pit Crew - NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Coca-Cola 600

Pit Crew – NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Coca-Cola 600

As Donna Partow says, you need to get yourself a “Pit Crew” – a team of wise mentors/coaches, prayer warriors, and people who you can keep accountable to for your life and business. At car races, the pit crew refuels, fills up the oil, changes tires, and repairs the car for the driver.

At Nascar races, the crew are just as important as the driver for winning the race. The pit crew gets the car in and out at the fastest possible time.

If it weren’t for the pit crew:

  •  the tires could blow anytime because of the wear on them from the fast speeds. The tires wear down very easily.
  • the cars couldn’t get back on the track in the short amount of time that they do. The pit crew has to be ready for the car when it pulls in. They put themselves in a dangerous situation because of the cars’ high speeds. An accident could happen any time. They are there to get their driver back on the track fast.
  • the car could crash. The pit crew has to be knowledgeable about anything that may be wrong with the car and fix it. The driver’s life hangs on what the pit crew does or doesn’t do.
  • the driver might not win. If they don’t move fast enough, the driver can lose the race. With a good pit crew, the driver will stay alive. With a great one, the driver will win. (Resource: The Importance of a Good Pit Crew in Nascar, Jane Demerica, http://www.sportinglife360.com/index.php/the-importance-of-a-good-pit-crew-in-nascar-2-16441/)

Find and surround yourself with people who can help you win the race – get back on track when you’re off – a pit crew who will speak the truth to you (not tickle your ears) and hold your feet to the fire with accountability.

Who are you accountable to this year? Who is on your pit crew?

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