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Be led by the Spirit

Quilting bee

One day this past year I signed into Twitter and noticed that I had a new follower, a pastor’s wife in Phoenix, Arizona, Norma Washington. I thought, “Who in the world is this and why is she following me?” I went on her page, and noticed she had written and published a book, Saturday Morning Sisterhood. I loved the orange coffee cup cover, and was intrigued by the title.

I sent her a direct message on Twitter, asking her, “How did you hear about me? Just curious.”  She sent back a blunt reply, “Divine appointment. Buy my book!” I thought, “THE NERVE!  Who is this woman?”   But her boldness worked, and I bought her book.  I then sent her another message and said, “I bought your book. Now buy mine!”  That boldness had rubbed off on me! And she did buy it.

After we read each other’s books (which we both liked), and had emailed each other a few times, Norma felt led by God’s Spirit to invite me to speak on prayer at her women’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2010. I went and am so glad I did.  She’s a a beautiful, anointed woman on fire for God, and while there I met Michelle Weston (another lovely, anointed woman of God), and some wonderful ladies in the audience!

It was such a blessing to be there. Norma now has invited me back to speak in October 2010 for the She Shall Be Called Woman conference. (Registration has begun, and you can grab your tickets here. It is going to be great!)

It is interesting to me that Norma and I met on Twitter, how God brought us into each other’s lives. It used to be that as the West was expanding and settlers, who’d brought their families and everything they owned in covered wagons, built homes on the prairie and women would form relationships through the growing community – barn building, quilting bees, cooking together, church, parties, etc. They were often also brought together through practical needs, such as needing food or treating sickness.

Now the post-modern culture of women network online. Beautiful friendships can be formed from these relationships. I have met some of the best friends of my life online! The degree of intimacy depends on what each woman in the relationship wants, but nevertheless the internet has opened up a world of possibility for relationships between women,  that has never existed before in the time of history.

I have even made a dear friend all the way in Russia, Nika Aksutin, who contacted me last year after reading my blog. Nika and her husband are missionaries to Russian Jews, and you can read their blog at Far East Russian For God’s Glory. Please keep Nika and her husband in prayer as they continue the work of the Lord in Russia.  Isn’t this incredible how the net made such a distant friendship possible?  I may have never “met” Nika without the web!  God is so good!  I hope one day I can actually meet her in real life! (IRL)

Both Norma and Nika contacted me through the internet, being led by God’s Spirit. What about you? Do you live your life in such a way as to be led by His Holy Spirit? Do you hear God’s voice clearly? Are you sensitive to how the Holy Spirit is guiding you each day? Are you asking Him to show you the path to walk on each day and to bring the people into your life that He wants to minister to you and to bless you?  And to bring you into others’ paths, too, so that you can minister to and bless them? (2 Corinthians 3:3)

Today be led by the Spirit.  And who knows, maybe today is the day that you will meet that new best friend online!  🙂

Beth Jones



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