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Florida beach vlog: The desires of your heart

Beth on beachWhat are the desires of your heart? What dreams are there, that have been laying dormant for years?  Have they been there so long that you’ve just forgotten about them or lost hope?  Well, don’t give up!  We serve a BIG God!  And He wants to give you the desires of your heart, as you walk in obedience to Him, have faith, and trust in Him!

Here is my 3rd vlog. Our daughter Leah is videoing me on the beach in Florida. I am babysitting for our friends Pat and Kim at their house in Florida, while they are in China to pick up their newly adopted, special-needs baby girl, Hadassah Joy.  After the kids finished their chores today, we headed off for the beach – yes, the beach in December!  (Back home in Kansas City, MO, it’s still in the 40’s. There was a blizzard warning the day I flew out of there!)

After about five days of nonstop rain since Leah and I arrived here, yesterday I prayed for God to please give us some sun.  Today was 70 degrees and the sun came out! 

I LOVE the ocean, and today filled me with so much peace and happiness -just watching and hearing the ocean waves, smelling the salt in the air, looking at the blue sky with white clouds and the seagulls, and collecting pretty sea shells. Oh, it can’t get any better than this! God is so awesome!  All I could do today was stand on the beach, with my toes in the cool water, looking at the beautiful ocean, and just thanking Him with all my heart for His goodness to me!

Whatever your desires are, know that God hears your prayers and He is quick to answer them.



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