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Blogging is like a different culture

Last night and today I spent a lot of time researching blogging, Feedburner, ads, etc. Blogging is like a completely different culture with its own unique language, and various dialects within the language.

Several years ago, I finally got to go with Ray to Haiti on his third mission trip there, for him to do some work for a pastor there for a week. I helped to teach in the Christian elementary school, while Ray trained security guards for the pastor’s compound there. French, Creole, and English are the primary languages in Haiti. Creole is a combination of French and several African languages, and it is very different from the textbook French I barely remembered from high school many years ago. It was difficult to understand… and all this stuff about blogging is as well!

And yet I am so excited to join other bloggers and learn all I can about this new, adventuresome place. I have been finding other mom bloggers online, reading their blogs and articles, and it’s been like drinking a cold, refreshing glass of Coke (or lemon-water or sweet tea, for you non-Coke drinkers). Eventually I will have to get off my laptop and stop feeding our daughter so many peanut butter-honey sandwiches, paying more attention to her. 🙂

Soon I hope to find someone to help me design a new, professional-looking blog site that is more my personal taste, with a signature, and have an RSS feed on here. My husband Ray and I are working on my web site this week, and hope to have it finished soon (having some technical difficulties with the margins!). I also plan to begin doing podcasts through my web site soon. Meanwhile, walking through the streets of “blogging,” getting a new view on life, is lots of fun!

Common “tap-tap” transportation in Haiti




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