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Butterflies are free


Copyright 2013 Eren McKay

This morning a friend asked me for a favor, and when I did, she blessed me with a gift. I don’t know if Eren McKay knew that I’m hosting a women’s conference locally on April 27, and that it’s logo/theme is a butterfly being released, but she made this beautiful butterfly graphic for me. I love it!

The colors are beautiful and I love heart drawings. How creative for her to¬†draw the girl holding¬†the flowers and the butterflies like balloons! (Eren’s creativity inspires me! You can check out her site here. Be sure to also listen to her podcasts. They are so soothing and peaceful, and very practical.)

Have you ever seen a butterfly that is stressed out, worried, depressed, angry, or unhappy? No. Butterflies are free. They are happy. They are not weighed down with concerns that hinder them from flying.

What about you? Are you free? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you being all God made you to be, living out your purpose and passion for God’s glory?

I invite you to join me and other women across the U.S. and Canada for this exciting women’s conference in Belton, MO (just outside Kansas City, MO). Women of¬†faith of all races,¬†nations, cultures, denominations, and economic classes¬†will connect in the heart of America¬†to enjoy our four anointed speakers, a delicious catered Italian lunch, great door prizes, friendship and networking opportunities – and FUN! It’s time to be RELEASED from whatever has been holding you back into your great purpose and destiny! You can find out more by clicking here.

If you live in another town, city, state, or even country, it will be SO worth the flight or drive to attend. God has already been doing amazing things with this conference. You don’t want to miss the blessing.



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