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Canada Blog Series

Ultimate Blog Challenge

This is Day 20 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The suggested blog topic was blog posts that were the most controversial, with a theme, or that had the most comments. One of the most amazing trips I’ve ever had was when my sweet friend Doreen Penner asked me to speak at her women’s retreat in Manitoba, Canada, and although I flew there to speak, I came back on a train. I went across the Canadian and American Rockies, and saw breathtakingly beautiful scenery that I’ll never forget. 

At the top of each blog post in this series on my time in Canada, you’ll see a link to the previous blog post. There are 12 posts in all for Canada, so after you read one blog, you can scroll back to the top and click on the link to the previous blog post. Rinse and repeat until you get back to the first blog post about Canada. Worth the read as it was a VERY exciting, unusual trip – especially the one about the angel!

Let me know what you think. Leave your comments below or below each of the blog posts. Enjoy!



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