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Celebrate you

Did you have a good July 4th? Yesterday Ray grilled cheeseburgers and fresh asparagus, but he had to go to work last night so Leah and I headed to Harrisonville to see their fireworks display. You can see the finale in the video below.

Holidays are times we can set apart in our busy, hectic lives to celebrate special events, such as the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus’ birth, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day for those we love, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Jewish holy days. They’re also great excuses to get together with family and friends or to just go do something fun! 🙂

How often, though, do we celebrate ourselves? Sure, there’s our yearly birthday. But the older we become, the less it’s celebrated, except for “over the hill” joke cards or candles that you have to keep blowing out and they won’t blow out, like we did one year for our friend Deann. But we need to take the time to celebrate and enjoy our lives. Life is a gift from God. Each morning when we awake, we should thank God for a new day and new mercies. (Lamentations 3:22-23) Each day is a cause for celebration and joy.

Each day you should celebrate YOU, because you are wonderfully and fearfully made by God. (Psalm 139:14) Don’t compare yourself to others or envy others. Don’t look at those around you and wish you were more like them. Don’t feel insecure or somehow inferior to others.

God made you unique and special. There is only one of you in the timeline of history. God has great plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11), a job only YOU can do. He chose you for His good works.

Today, celebrate YOU! Treat yourself to a nice dinner, a walk outside, a hot bubble bath or a cool dip in a pool, a new outfit, Starbucks and browsing through a charming book store, a pretty charm bracelet, a pedicure. Look into the mirror and smile at yourself. You are YOU, God’s masterpiece.

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. – Sophia Loren

Video of July 4 finale fireworks



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