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Dance With Me princess retreat

Beth Jones in tiara for princess retreat

This weekend I went to the Dance With Me princess¬†retreat in Springfield, MO, offered by my friend Reena Grant’s church, Eagle Heights Worship Center.¬† My friend Diane Bishop and I took off for Springfield on Friday afternoon about 2 p.m., and enjoyed chatting during the beautiful, rural drive there.¬† We arrived a little early at the hotel, got dressed up in our “princess” formal gowns, and went downstairs to meet our friends Reena and Suzy Bunton. ¬†The retreat was SOOOO much fun!

Each woman was given a laminated¬†name card, which she presented to the master of ceremonies, pastor Donald McClintock. Pastor McClintock announced her name to the guests publicly, preceded by the word “Princess,” as she entered the ballroom to display her gown and her beauty.¬† A man in a tux standing at attention occasionally blew a trumpet as a princess would enter. Each “princess” walked under a canopy of swords touching one another overhead, held in position¬†by the men at attention in tuxes. These men later¬†served the ladies as they ate their dinner.

There was entertainment such as an interpretive dance, a slideshow with pastor Brenda McClintock singing You are a princess, and a couple ballroom dancing to the song Dance With Me, Song of Songs. This part blessed me so much. It was beautiful and elegant, and was a perfect picture of Christ and the Church  РJesus with His beautiful bride in His arms of Love.

The retreat was a lot of fun.¬† All the women took a break in the middle of the dinner to dance in the middle of the room, and that was such a blast!¬†There is fullness of joy in God’s presence.¬† Are you dancing and laughing?¬† Are you enjoying life to its utmost?

After dinner (salmon or roast beef, vegetables, salad, rolls, delicious cheesecake), Pastor Brenda McClintock gave an anointed teaching on following the lead of the King of Kings Jesus, and dancing in step with Him. 

Every woman was given a scroll, wrapped in a gold and purple ribbon, which had been inscribed with a scripture and encouraging words.¬†After Brenda’s teaching, we read our scrolls.¬† It was amazing how God orchestrated this particular event, making each scroll applicable, relevant,¬†and prophetic for the woman sitting at that chair.¬†

Later in my hotel room, tears fell down my face as I re-read the scroll, because it ministered¬†deeply to me and was confirmation of the things God had done and is continuing to do in my life.¬†¬† Have you heard God’s rhema (right on, now) word to you for today?¬† Are you listening and seeking His face each day?

¬†The night ended with many doorprizes given out, new friendships made, and women blessed with God’s refreshing presence.¬† Here are a couple of videoes from the evening. You can view the rest of them at my Facebook profile page here.

Video of my friend Diane saying hi

Video of couple ballrooming dancing to Dance With Me, Song of Songs

Video of women dancing

Video of me and my friends Reena Grant and Diane Bishop



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