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Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead trip

Leah by dogwood tree at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead park

I love this time of year when the trees and flowers are in bloom, and the sun is coming out, not too hot with a cool breeze. It was just too pretty to stay inside today, so Leah and I took off on a field trip to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead park in Overland Park, KS.¬†

They have¬†lots of farm animals, and even a few wild ones such as the buffalo, prairie dogs, the bald eagle, a falcon, and¬†bobcats. The park’s landscape with¬†brightly colored tulips, blooming dogwoods and other trees, and¬†fountains is beautiful. It’s very relaxing, and it only cost Leah and me $4 for the entrance fee. You can grab some snacks there, eat before you go to save money, or pack a picnic lunch to eat there.

My favorite animals are the bobcats. They pace in the cage and I feel sorry for them, but am grateful for the opportunity to see them up close.¬†Leah likes them, too, and the baby goats, rabbits, and horses.¬† ¬†Here’s a short clip of the bobcats. Enjoy!



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