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Don’t Hide Away; You are Treasured, You are Beautiful


Heather Denney

Heather Denney

Recently we had our family’s Christmas dinner. (I know, right?! In MARCH! Long story short, we had a hard time coordinating everyone’s work schedules, but we finally did it!)

Our daughter Heather gave me 2 cd’s she thought I’d like: Jamie Grace’s Ready to Fly and 1 Girl Nation’s cd, that includes In The Eyes, which I posted on Heather’s Facebook wall for her.

I believe so many women (like Heather) don’t realize how very beautiful and precious they are, to God and others.

Do you know your worth? PRICELESS TO GOD!

You can listen to In The Eyes by clicking here.

I wanted to share the lyrics with you today.

In The Eyes – 1 Girl Nation (Lyrics)

You hold the picture
though it goes unsaid
I know you question
where you fit in
among the faces
You hear their voices say
You are broken
So you hide away
Don’t hide away

You are treasured
You are beautiful
In the eyes, in the eyes
of the One who made you
You are perfect
You’re worth more than you know
In the eyes, in the eyes
of the One who made you

So you’re different
Let them say you are
Cause you’re the vision
Of the Father’s heart
In the Father’s heart

When the world has told you lies
You are priceless in His eyes



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