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Eat, Pray, Love book and movie, other summer plans

Beth Jones, Jacksonville, FL beach

What are some of your plans this summer?¬† This week our daughter Leah and I did some “pet sitting” for friends who took a trip to Michigan.¬† Below is a brief clip of Tucker (red golden retriever) and Grace (part Beagle puppy).¬† They were always glad to see us as well as the cat, Todd (who’s much more calm than the dogs, who love to jump on you.) Tucker also enjoys playing “soccer,” chasing the ball and picking it up with his teeth after you kick it.

This summer I have a checklist of things to do.  Have you made your checklist?  What are your summer plans?

  • Become more of a student of God’s word
  • Do fun things with my kids and grandkids
  • Take some road trips to someplace new
  • Go on at least a mini-vacation with Ray, ALONE
  • Read some new good books. Eat, Pray, Love is on my list to read -although I do NOT agree with palm reading or eastern meditation!¬†¬†The movie with Julia Roberts comes out soon, and I can’t wait! ¬† The¬† trailer’s lines intrigued me – “Who are you?….Risk everything…I used to have this appetite for my life.”¬†¬†¬†My favorite line that Julia says in the trailer is, “I want to go someplace where I can marvel at something.”¬†
  • Get at least a little tan (each summer I should win the award for whitest legs)
  • Increase my productivity and fruitfulness for God¬†without being just¬†busier
  • Exercise regulary (3-4 times weekly minimum), applying the ideas from the Fat Loss Motivation Report.
  • Somehow get to the beach this summer!¬† A must!
  • Have more webinars and prepare for my two speaking engagements in the fall
  • Laugh more – savor the blessing of¬†life from God!

Below, ¬†enjoy the brief¬†clip of the dogs, Tucker and Grace. Don’t you just love dogs’ happy expressions?

Here is the movie trailer from Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts.



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