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Ezine or updates, or both? You decide!

Which one?

After talking with what I’m calling the “powerful minds, praying hearts” group and praying this weekend, I made a noticeable change to my website. You’ll see at the top of the welcome page an opt-in box for my ezine, with a graphic of the special report you receive when you sign up, Being Who You Were Created To Be. This special report encourages you to draw closer to God, to discover and walk in your life purpose, and to pursue doing the things you love, fulfilling your destiny in Christ.

You’ll also see another opt-in box on my welcome page, under the red pencil. What is the difference between these two? Which should you choose?  I invite you to sign up for BOTH, but you decide.  🙂

Until now, I’ve been combining my ezine, which gives my subscribers the free special report and goodies each month- articles, audios, ebooks, and other bonuses – with all the latest updates here at Tablet Of My Heart – the newest articles, blogs, and podcasts, my live speaking events, online events like webinars, etc. 

This made the ezine quite long. We all live busy, hectic lives. After brainstorming with others, I decided to create a seperate list. If you want to receive my ezine , which comes out twice a month and is my main subscriber list, you’ll get the free special report, plus regular bonus goodies such as the articles, ebooks, audios, etc.

If you want to hear just the latest updates here – the newest blogs, articles, my next speaking event, teleclasses, webinars, and the news about my newest product – you can sign up on my update list. This list will also give you “first dibs” on special discounts for my products that I’ll be creating, such as my ebook on women and spiritual warfare that I’m writing right now.

Want to make sure you hear first about the ebook? Get on the update list!  🙂

If you have any questions or have any prayer requests, please email me at Meanwhile, if you’re not already subscribed, why not get started and sign up for both, or for one of the lists today?  You will be blessed and encouraged to walk in your great destiny and purpose. It’s a great way for us to connect and I’d be honored to have you joining me in this journey!

Let me also know about any ideas you have for articles, blogs, podcasts, teleseminars, webinars, etc.  What are your needs? What topics are you interested in?

I’d also really appreciate it if you shared about this with your family and friends on Twitter and Facebook!  Just click on one of the share buttons here below.



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