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Face it!

If you’ve noticed a new pic of me on the home (welcome) page, that’s because my friend Diane generously offered to spend today taking various pictures of me with her cool camera, so that I could have a fresh pic this year for my website.  After she finished and we put them on my laptop, I uploaded them to Facebook and asked my friends to vote on their favorite one for my website’s “Welcome” page. Hands down, the one on my home page was the winner.  It was between this one, seen at right and at , OR

this one on my “About” page: I am still debating!

The 3rd voter winner I used for my “Speaking” page:

Another voter favorite was this one that I used for my “Contact” page:

The rest I used for “Just some fun pics” under my “About” heading  here.

What do you, my dear readers and listeners, think? What’s your favorite?  You can either leave a comment below, or send me an email at

And let’s face it, we don’t always want to look at ourselves in pictures.  A picture sure shows that extra winter weight we’ve gained this year – or some other unattractive feature!  But aren’t we glad that God doesn’t view us how we see ourselves?  He views us through the clear lens of His unconditional love. He says our face is LOVELY to Him (Song of Solomon 2:14). 

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror or see a picture of yourself that you don’t really like, ask God to give you a revelation of how HE sees you, the way He sees His Son Jesus. Perfect. Righteous. Beloved. His very own, unique, radiant reflection – His beautiful Bride without spot or blemish.

My beautiful friend Diane



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