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Father of the fatherless in Uganda

house of friends
Last night we had friends over for dinner and prayed about our possible upcoming missions trip to Uganda in February 2010. Ray grilled fresh asparagus and delicious Cuban sandwiches, and served it with slices of onion, Greek pepperoncini, and jicama sprinkled with red pepper (jicama tastes like a raw potato, is white and very crunchy).  There is something about the breaking of bread together that draws people close.

We talked and laughed together, we went through our 3 Colors of Ministry workbook, and then we petitioned God for the funds for the mission trip. Since none of us have the money right now to go, it’s going to have to be God to do it! We discussed possible fund raising ideas, and the mission’s purpose, which is primarily to train pastoral leaders about God’s word and to share the Father heart of God with the people.

Uganda is a nation of the fatherless. There are not many men over there who have reached old age. Many have died in war or from Aids. A man with white hair in America would be considered someone of great honor over in Uganda.

Poverty is rampant. Many children do not have clothes or shoes. And yet the people are very interested in technology. Many of them have cell phones or go to Internet cafes, and are on Facebook.

Because of their great physical needs for food, water, clothing, and other basic necessities, the Uganda people are very hungry for God. Desperation does that. Americans are so spoiled with material goods that they don’t realize their need for Him.  Jesus said, “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”  (Matthew 5:6, NKJV)

God desires to be a Father to the fatherless in Uganda. The House of Friends is one organization that helps to meet the needs in Uganda. You can check out their website here.



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