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Finding your sweet spot

What is your sweet spot?

We are already in week 2 of my Unveiled: G.I.F.T.S. Process virtual class. This class has an amazing group of gifted, anointed ladies, who are connecting quickly in our private Facebook forum. We are brainstorming creative ideas to help each other, having a “mini-mastermind” group. Mastermind groups are powerful. Napolean Hill wrote about the power of a mastermind group in his book Think and Grow Rich.

What you can get from a class and a brainstorming, mastermind group like this (adapted from the article, How To Create and Run a Successful Mastermind Group):

  • Instant, valuable support and encouragement (and I’d like to add, prayer)
  • Experience, skills, and confidence
  • Creative ideas, solutions, and answers coming from the group
  • Accountability and progress moving forward and getting “unstuck”
  • A sense of shared endeavors – there’s others out there and you don’t feel alone anymore
  • Design things the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be.

If you missed this class, I plan to have another one coming up in spring 2013. Be sure to sign up on my personal mailing list with your name  and email address at the top of the page on the right sidebar, so you’ll be first to hear about this.

Two of the many resources that I’m using for this class are iChoose2 Love My Life by Kelly Thorne Gore and the iBloom team, and Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. Both of these are excellent.

Kelly’s book takes you through a one year journey toward living a life you love, and Max Lucado’s book helps you with living in your “sweet spot” – that place where you were made by God to dwell, that you love and which glorifies God.

For example, my sweet spot would be speaking, writing, coaching, traveling.  When I speak in front of a live audience, I feel energized. When I travel to new places, I feel happy and so alive.

What is your sweet spot? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.



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