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From Administration to Zumba: using your gifts for God

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What are your spiritual gifts, talents, and skills?  Are you using them for God Рor are you holding back? Or is someone else trying to hold you back from using them?

Tonight I went to see our daughter Heather teach her last zumba aerobics class before they take a break until September 2010.  I was so blessed to watch her administrating with the purple zumba tshirts, listen to her share a short devotional and pray, and then see her teach the hour-long class.

Usually many more attend the class, but I noticed tonight how everyone there was having a lot of fun.  (I tried to keep up with the zumba steps! LOL)  From Administration to Zumba (A to Z!),  Heather is using her gifts for God.

What about you? Do you know what your gifts are?  They can be found in Ephesians 4: 11, 1 Corinthians 12: 8-10, and 1 Corinthians 13: 27-30.   You also have natural talents and skills that God wants you to use and to bless others with.  Remember Jesus was a carpenter before He began his public ministry!

Study the gospels, and observe how Jesus used the spiritual gifts. He used them perfectly, and He is always our best example whom we should follow. 

The gifts are all rooted in God’s love. They are never earned or deserved, but are given to us by God’s grace to further His kingdom on earth.¬† They are never to be used to promote self, but are to be used¬†to lift up and honor Jesus Christ.

 Women are not always encouraged to use their gifts, sometimes not even by their husbands and their pastors. But God wants you to use your gifts and talents for His glory. I encourage you to find out what they are, and then begin using them for His kingdom.  Below are videos of Heather doing a short devotional and teaching the zumba class.

Vlog of Heather using her gift of administration with the zumba tshirts:

Vlog of Heather doing short devotional and praying

Vlog of Heather and class doing grapevine in zumba class

Vlog of Heather teaching zumba class



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