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Funny how God works

U.S. Army 82nd Airborne military personnel on ground in Port-A-Prince, Haiti in front of the national palace – sent in for reinforcements for security.

It’s funny how God works.¬† Last night my husband Ray and his friend Shawn made it safely to Miami, and all their bags with the medical equipment got checked okay,¬† praise God!¬† They even had favor with the airline for their heavy bag of medical equipment, which was overweight. The airline employee said to them,¬†“Hmmm….the scale must be broken!” and let it go, without them having to pay the extra fee (she knew they were going to Haiti for a medical mission!) Then this morning¬†Ray called me from Miami¬†to say that the relief plane scheduled to go out at 1 p.m. today from Miami to Haiti was not going, after all!

Not sure what the deal was, as he couldn’t talk long. He was at the airport, rushed, with him getting on another plane in an hour. It is a jet carrying six people to Haiti who are going to do food distribution there. Through a friend, God brought these people across Ray’s and Shawn’s path after Ray and Shawn found out that the plane they were supposed to leave on had a change in plans and wasn’t going to Haiti at 1 p.m.

I have no doubt that God is up to something good and that¬†this is a divine appointment.¬† I am praying that Haiti and U.S. officials are not turning this jet¬†away from Haiti and are not re-routing it (the airport has a bottleneck, with relief planes having trouble getting into Haiti to bring food, water, and medical supplies). I’m¬† expectantly waiting to hear any minute that they are now safely in Haiti.¬†

For those who have not yet read my blogs on this trip, Ray and Shawn  are doing a medical and security mission to assist pastor Jay Threadgill of Fishers Of Men Interenational.  The situation is just desperate, and the violence is increasing, so please keep them all in your prayers. I am anticipating God to do incredible things on this trip!

For those who would like to give to practical and much needed help to Haiti, the Paypal Donate button is now working on Ray’s SEMSAR website, thanks to our great, computer geek son-in-law Kyle!¬† This missions trip has been funded out of our own pockets and through SEMSAR.¬† ¬†Here is the link.

I will keep you posted on their trip!  Thanks for all your prayers!



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