Growing up

Annabelle's first haircutAnnabelle getting her haircutOur daughter Heather’s girls recently became “big girls” – Annabelle, 5 years old, got her very first haircut, and Violet, 3 years old, got her ears pierced. Let’s just say they had two totally different reactions to the events. 

Here is Annabelle, eager for her new transformation, and after her cut. Precious!

 Now, for Violet.  She was so excited to get her ears pierced…then she felt the needle through her lobe.  Her screams that echoed throughout the store  convinced Annabelle to wait a year before getting her ears pierced.   Oh well,beauty does have its price.  The tears soon dried, though, and Violet now goes around, pointing out her “pretty ears.”

Violet crying from pierced ear


Violet getting her ears pierced






 They are growing up so fast, they will be driving next.

Annabelle driving jeep




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