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Hard to swallow

Today Ray had a doctor’s appointment and some errands to run, and he asked this morning if I wanted anything while he was out. I told him I was a little hungry and said maybe he could pick us up a bite to eat for lunch, like the fried chicken at our local grocery deli which we enjoy occasionally. When he came home, I was chatting on the phone with my friend Lynne so he and Leah got out the plates for us to eat lunch. He opened the plastic bag and pulled out a box of what was supposed to be the fried chicken.

I eyed it with great suspicion. You have to know my husband who loves to make jokes and pull pranks. If he ever says to you, “Here, try this!” DON’T DO IT! He has roared with laughter through the years as our kids, I, and friends of ours have trusted his innocent look, taken a bite, made horrible faces and quickly rushed to the nearest trash can or sink to spit out something so sour or so disgusting that we couldn’t bear to swallow it.

I knew as soon as I saw it, that was NOT fried chicken (although he did get the chicken for us, too). He and Leah sat down to eat while I finished my conversation with Lynne (Lynne has a Sanguine personality, so if she calls, it won’t be a quick phone call.)  

Later, Ray came to my desk and said to me, grinning, “I am so proud of Leah! Today she ate frog legs.”  I knew it! (He said she liked them.) Ray was born in Louisiana and lived in Texas most of his life before being assigned by the Navy to Missouri. People in Louisiana LIKE to eat strange things like frog legs, alligator, and crawfish…and they take pride in it.

Of course I didn’t eat the frog legs. My chicken was fine, thank you very much. When Ray and I dated, he had me try frog legs back then -once was more than enough!  Gross! They were just too hard to swallow and they did not taste good!

Maybe you have a situation in your life right now that you feel like it’s “just too hard to swallow.” Some circumstance that is extremely difficult and challenging, stressful, or worrying you. Don’t get distracted by the enemy. I encourage you to take it straight to God. Pray. Read His Word. Meditate on His faithful promises. Keep praying and having faith in Christ, obeying His word, enduring until the end.

 “So don’t lose your confidence. It will bring you a great reward. You need endurance so that after you have done what God wants you to do, you can receive what he has promised. Yet, the one who is coming will come soon. He will not delay. The person who has God’s approval will live because of faith. But if he turns back, I will not be pleased with him.”



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  • Reply Kimberly Ehlers June 13, 2011 at 1:41 am

    LOL!  I was thinking about your article, Beth, and laughing to myself about Ray getting Leah to eat froglegs.  Some of my worse childhood memories are about going to the Ozarks with my family (including Grandparents – loved that part) and having to watch Grandma eat froglegs.  It grossed me out completely.  Now you can get froglegs at Chinese buffets in Iowa, but back then, Grandma had to go to Missouri ;)!

    • Reply Beth Jones June 12, 2011 at 9:56 pm

      Kimberly, how funny. I am not going ANYWHERE to get them! 🙂

  • Reply Beth Jones June 11, 2011 at 4:11 am

    Thanks, Alyssa, lol! I didn’t tell the story about the REALLY sour gumball he gave me as a joke one time when we were first dating!  But I’ve learned since then what NOT to do! 🙂

  • Reply Alyssa Avant June 11, 2011 at 12:41 am

    too funny good analogy too

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