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Harvest of Hope 50-Day Devotional

Harvest of Hope 50 Day Devotional by Dana Arcuri

Harvest of Hope 50 Day Devotional by Dana Arcuri

I don’t usually do book reviews on my website, even though I am a voracious reader.

This blog post isn’t really a review, but a recommendation to read Dana Arcuri’s just-released Harvest of Hope 50-Day Devotional book.

Dana was my client last year, and she hired me as a coach to motivate her to finish her book Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity. She completed it with God’s help, making her big dream of being an author come true

It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Dana is a natural writer, and her writing just flows. I read it all in one day, unable to put it down.

Sharing her harrowing journey of date rape, marriage problems, a diagnosis of ADHD and fibromyalgia, and toxic prescription interactions that led to a suicide attempt, Dana walks you through her darkest moments that she overcame by a strong faith in Christ. Her book and message are one of hope.

Now she’s done it again with her devotional. It is a great book on topics relating to deeper faith, restored health, leaning more on God through trials, having a God-sized dream, living an abundant life of purpose, reaching goals, and more. 

With this book you get:

  • an inspiring message
  • Scriptures pertaining to each topic
  • a 15 minute reading
  • encouragement to pray or take action steps

“Dare to believe in yourself, your dreams, and your strengths. Consider realistic steps of action that may lead you onto the right path to draw you closer to your dreams. Persistently overcome your fears by following a new vision. Remain focused, keep moving, and be determined to plug away by completing one goal at a time. When you achieve your deepest dreams, you not only accomplish what you set out for, but you have something valuable to share with others. You give them hope, inspiration, and meaning to their life. Not only that, but you pave the way for others to chase after their own God-sized dreams.” – Dana Arcuri, Harvest of Hope: A 50 Day Devotional

 I give this book two thumbs up and highly recommend it for inspiration and encouragement. 



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