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Heather and team in Nashville now

Heather Denney

Last night our oldest daughter Heather left with a team from her church, Eagle Creek Church in Lee’s Summit, MO, to drive all night to¬†Tennessee to help with Nashville’s flood relief efforts.¬† The teams will be going into houses with flood damage and ripping out all affected materials (drywall, carpet, etc.) and also will be helping to organize and distribute goods at a warehouse to the families in need.

It will be hot, hard work.  The floors and walls may be unstable from the water damage, and may not allow much weight on them Рposing risks for floors falling through and walls collapsing.

Yesterday and today, I babysat Kyle’s and Heather’s daughters, Annabelle and Violet. Tomorrow and Saturday, Kyle and his mom Becky will watch the girls until Heather comes back home late Saturday night. It’s been six years since Heather’s last missions trip, and she is VERY excited!¬† ¬†

When Annabelle was a baby, Heather went to Mexico for a week with our former church for a missions trip. Prior to that, after graduation from our homeschool in the year 2000, Heather went to South America in remote jungle villages for a month and to India for a month for missions trips with YWAM. YWAM and these missions trips changed her life, and they confirmed her desire to be a missionary.

This morning about 2:45 a.m., I got a text from Heather that they safely arrived in Nashville.  They woke up at 6 a.m. today for devotions and went right to work in the houses.  This afternoon, she sent me a cell phone picture of herself  wearing the face mask and eye goggles (for protection against mold and mildew.  These are non-construction teams.) 

When I asked via texting¬†how she was doing, she replied, “Hot.”¬† ūüôā¬† They were just about to call it a day.¬† Tonight the team was¬†able to relax and go out to dinner, then tomorrow they’ll begin work again on the houses.

Please continue to keep Heather and the missions team covered in prayer.  Eagle Creek Church has live video streaming of their missions team while in Nashville through Ustream.   You can view the live stream here. 

Below is a video of Heather sharing about the work they will be doing there, just before she left yesterday.  The video below that is a humorous vlog of Annabelle and Violet, explaining what a train sounds like, when we stopped to look at the big, black train after we ate lunch.

Vlog of Heather about Nashville missions trip

Vlog of Annabelle and Violet on train



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