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You’re either in the “I’m so excited about Christmas and am decorating RIGHT NOW!” category or¬† the¬†category, “Are you kidding me? Christmas is weeks away! We’ll pull out¬†the boxes of decorations the week of the 20th!”¬†¬†¬†

I fall into the first one; our decorations are already up. After being inspired from Sarah’s show at Momtv tonight on blogging about the holidays, I thought I’d share some of¬†our Christmas decorations with you – although I think I was the only one in the chatroom on Sarah’s show¬†who’d already started decorating.¬† At least I didn’t start before Thanksgiving like some¬†friends of mine do!¬†

Here is our Christmas tree. Yes, it’s already up, it’s decorated, and -GASP! – it’s not real. That’s right, a FAKE tree.¬† I really dislike anything artificial, including people. This is NOT what I want, but my husband Ray previously worked as¬†a ¬†firechief and a fireman for many years, and he¬†has seen way too many fires with way too many real trees. We always had a real tree when I was growing up, and I love the fresh pine scent and miss having a real one! ¬†

Several years ago, I bought this fiber-optic one. The pic doesn’t do it justice when it’s all lighted up at night, and right now it’s looking very lonely without any presents yet…but Ray’s Christmas bonus is around the corner, so soon there will be the gifts under it, which I LOVE to give!¬†

Christmas tree

Many of our tree’s decorations are ornate,¬†home-made ones from Ray’s grandmother and his mom. Some of my favorites are the little bears glued on¬†lace,¬† attached to a tiny clothespin.

bear decoration

¬†Another favorite¬†are “lace” bells¬†made from old egg cartons, glued with lace, and painted pure white.


My absolute favorites are our kid’s¬†craft ones made at school or¬†at home when I began homeschooling, like this gold cross glued with “precious stones.”

A cross, one of our kids' home-made decorations

Don’t you¬† love nativity sets?¬† This nativity scene, with white lights in the background, ¬†is on our fireplace mantel, with the 3 red stockings hung – those stockings are just aching to be filled with wonderful CHOCOLATES!¬†¬† ūüôā

nativity and stockings on fireplace mantel

This week I hope to get¬†stocking hooks (holders) – the scotch tape just isn’t doing the job very well!¬†¬† I added some of my Willow Tree angels to the nativity scene.


I love snowmen decorations and have decorated our bathroom in them, as well as this one in our family den. A red male cardinal bird has landed on Mr. Snowman, which is my favorite bird, and he’s holding a sign, “Let it snow.”


In our dining room, the buffet has snowmen, bears, a gift box, and a decoration of The Nutcracker Ballet, with more white lights wrapped around them:

buffet Christmas lights

Here is the Nutcracker decoration. The tiny ballerina is so cute! I have never actually gone to this ballet, but am praying this Christmas we can go see it!

The Nutcracker ballet decoration

In the dining room on the marble-topped table, I put the little church made by a friend of Ray’s mom. It has¬†a steeple, tiny stained glass windows on the side which light up with a switch, and it plays the old instrumental hymn, How Great Thou Art. I added more snowmen on the sides and a spray of red poinsettas beside the church for some color.


On our formal dining table,  the centerpieces are an antique, crystal-glass bowl filled with red rose petals and gold spray-painted pine cones, and a cute, kissing little boy and girl angel.


Our kitchen table has a centerpiece with a thin, square-cut mirror, a thick red candle, and a spray of greenery, gold spray-painted pine cones, and cranberries.  It is simple but pretty, especially on this forest-green tablecloth.

red Christmas candle

What about you? Have you  started decorating for Christmas yet ? Please leave your comments below and tell me some of your favorite decorations and holiday traditions!



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  • Reply Jane VanOsdol December 2, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Wow, Beth! They look beautiful. Last year was the first year we’ve had an artificial tree. We’ve always cut our own down. Allergies … Actually, the tree looked beautiful and no needles to clean up! : )

    I have been looking for a new nativity set. I would like one where the figures look like they are from the Middle East. It’s hard to find ones with a darker skin tone. If you see any, let me know!

    Also, what is momtv?

    Thanks for your post. I loved seeing all your decorations!

    Love ya!

    • Reply Beth Jones December 4, 2010 at 3:41 pm

      One year we had a tree that for some reason was REALLY dry and when we took it down and hauled it outside, the pine needles fell off and everywhere. It was a MESS! The ONE good thing about artificial trees is they’re easy to put up and take down! ūüėÄ

      I found Momtv on Facebook. I’d never heard of it before until then. I believe it’s a membership site where you can upload your videos, photos and stories – an option to YouTube for more family-oriented videos. Here is the link:
      I love Sarah’s blog and enjoyed watching that show -she’s really sweet!

      Will look out for a Nativity Set for you and pray you find one. I love them, too! ūüôā Thanks for commenting, Jane!

    Leave a Reply