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It’s not about me

Today is Ray’s and my 16th wedding anniversary. It seems hard to believe it has been that long. Ray wrote me the sweetest thing on the card that accompanied my dozen, long-stemmed red roses: “We may not have it all together yet, but together we have it all.” 🙂 I really liked that!

We have had our share of struggles through the years, but by God’s grace we are still married. One thing I am learning through the years is that IT’S NOT ABOUT ME! God created me to be Ray’s help-meet, his support, to stand by his side and cheer him on in his destiny and purpose. Woman was made for the man, not man for the woman (Genesis 2:18-25). That does not mean that women are not important or can’t be used by God – don’t get me started on that soapbox! But it does mean that the role of a wife is very important and precious in God’s sight. Our husbands need us, to love them, honor them, and help them.

We’re going out to dinner tonight, probably Mexican (my fave! He said it was my choice!). As I put on my makeup and get dressed to get ready to go, I am going to reflect on my God-given, blessed role. I want to be the best wife and mother possible. I want Ray to look at me proudly and think, “That’s my wife!” I want him to feel so blessed that he’s married to me, because of how good I am to him.

Proverbs 31: 10 says, “For who can find a virtuous (excellent) wife? For her worth is far above rubies.” Lord God, I desire to be “above-ruby-quality” for you and Ray. Help me to become that woman by Your power and Your word.




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