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Jeff Goins’ site: Is fear holding you back from writing?

Asian woman writerThis morning I discovered a new, wonderful writer’s site, Jeff Goins. I was encouraged by his blog post, Writers Don’t Write To Get Published.

Writers must write…even when they’ve having a hard time writing and feel uninspired.

They write even when their husbands are downstairs with the t.v. blaring 1940’s and 50’s music. (My husband Ray acts like an old man sometimes. He likes music that is way before his time. Something we do NOT have in common. I love Kelly Clarkson and Third Day and this song Stay by Rihanna and this song Restore by Chris August and The Piano Guys, who our daughter Leah told me about. We played this video Code Name Vivaldi at her homeschool graduation.)

Writes write even when they don’t want to write. They are compelled to do so.

Writers, like many creatives, are often misunderstood.


Made fun of.

Not taken seriously.

When I was a child and said I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, a close family member told me that if I did that, I’d starve to death. (I broke that curse!)

Today I’m a Women’s Conference/Retreat Speaker and a writer. I’ve written 6 books. You can find some of them by clicking here.

I’m not on the New York Times Best-Seller list (yet). 🙂

But God has called me to this. So I write.  Even though sometimes I’m afraid.

Today I choose my dreams.

Today, I choose my dreams.
Today, I am a writer.
Today, I face the dragon of self-doubt and step into destiny.
~ Jeff Goins

Are you a writer? Is fear holding you back from writing? Slay it.

Leave your comments below.



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