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Last week of UHSE 2010 with Felice Gerwitz!

This is the last week of the UHSE 2010 with Felice Gerwitz! Felice is doing an amazing job, and the speakers are anointed by God!  You can listen live this week at TalkShoe here

If you want to keep copies of the audio sessions, plus get the amazing mommy grab bag filled with all kinds of goodies, you will need to purchase a ticket, which is only $19.97! 

I am one of the spekaers for the UHSE, so if you missed my live session, you can still hear it when you buy a ticket. What do you get with a ticket?

The immediate download with a ticket purchase is a free Arts and Crafts book donated by Visual Manna
There are over $500.00+ worth of free eBooks, coupons, audios and products on the membership website available for access on November 11th!

An original song, “Homeschool Mother’s Prayer” to debut live on November 11, 10:00 am EST. Last Monday in Felice’s prayer time, the Lord gave her the lyrics to a song. She doesn’t write music so this was a shock to her. Felice wrote them down, emailed her good friend’s daughter, a homeschool grad and young mom, and a few hours later she sent them back set to music. It is beautiful. The song will debut on Thursday and will be made available for free on the members only site.

You will be so blessed!  To get your ticket today to UHSE 2010,  just click here.



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