Let God define you

How did your weekend go? My weekend was full:

  • On Saturday, I went to the  BALM  Baptist Church ladies’ retreat here in Butler.
  • After that, Leah and I went to her friend Lexy’s 17th birthday party at the park.
  • Then Saturday afternoon, we drove to Heather’s house to help her with organizing and more spring cleaning.
  • On Sunday afternoon, we went to our small group Bible study.
  • Sunday evening, I worked on a new layout for my webinar room for mine and Bess Blanco’s Spiritual CPR webinar. (Are you signed up yet? It is going to be powerful!)

For the potluck at small group on Sunday, we had spaghetti with meatballs, salad, garlic bread (YUM!!!), and the Italian penne with gorgonzola sauce recipe that I made, from the Italian cookbook I just bought. I am cooking my way through it like Julie cooked her way through Julia Child’s book  in Julie and Julia, only on a much tinier, simpler scale! At small group, to my surprise, I was complimented on the penne, which makes me feel better since I’m NOT a great cook.

It’s funny how sometimes we don’t view ourselves the way others do. Sometimes we think we’re “not good” at certain things, when others view us quite differently (certainly God our creator has a different perspective about us than we do!). At other times, we may think that we ARE good at something, and others may not agree!

Our lens of truth, our mirror, should always be the Bible. God’s Word is eternal. God never lies. He will speak HIS truth to our hearts if we just take time to LISTEN to Him. What is God saying about you – and TO you? What does God think of you? Much more than you or others do!

We have to listen to God more than to people. God knows us through and through. He sees us not as we are today, but as we are becoming, as we WILL be in Him…with incredible purpose and potential ~ His masterpiece. 

Dear friend, let God define you. Not others.



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