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Let new adventures begin!

Today is my birthday and I was so blessed by my family and my friends to wish me “Happy Birthday,” and to give me encouraging Scriptures, pretty graphics and words on Facebook.

Would you as my reader and fan on my subscriber list, here at, and on social media please pray for me and my family as well? We desperately need them! Let me know how I can pray for you as well!

woman praying

Woman praying

Every birthday and new year, I pray about the coming year. My prayer last night to God was private between Him and me for me and my family, but I cried many tears. But one prayer I’ll share publicly is this which comes from a little plaque I recently bought: “Let new adventures begin.” Amen!

A couple of friends on Facebook used that word adventure in wishing me well for the new year, so I took it as confirmation God will do just that! What adventures would you like to have in the coming year? Leave your comments below!

My husband Ray and me

My husband Ray and me

Today my husband Ray took me to lunch for my birthday–my requested choice was, of course, Mexican. My chips and salsa fix! After we ate our meal, I wanted more chips and salsa, but was embarrassed to ask for another bottle, so Ray did, saying it was my birthday. I laughed as he ordered not only the bottle, but a cup of salsa to go and he said, “Happy Salsa Day!” Yes, I’m addicted!

My birthday today with Ray at lunch--got my chips and salsa fix!

My birthday today with Ray at lunch–got my chips and salsa fix!

Ray gave me a pretty birthday card with flowers and butterflies on it. 

Birthday card with flowers & butterflies

Birthday card with flowers & butterflies

On Ray’s next paycheck (next week), we’re planning to do something special for his “gift” to me. I’m excited and can’t wait.

Our three beautiful daughters wished me happy birthday today, and my sister Maria and my friend Shelley called me this afternoon, all which made me very happy! It was a good birthday!

Our 3 beautiful daughters Heather, Eden, & Leah

Our 3 beautiful daughters Heather, Eden, & Leah


My precious sis Maria

My precious sister and my BFF, Maria Willis


My BFF Rochelle Valasek

my BFF Rochelle Valasek

I’m so thankful for another year. Each day is a gift. God is good and life is beautiful, even though there are hardships. I believe it’s important to count our blessings every day.

Me on my birthday today

Me on my birthday today

“The way I see it, you should live every day like it’s your birthday.” ~ Paris Hilton



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