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Marriage 911

Is your marriage in trouble? Call the “ambulance,” Marriage 911!

Marriage is very much on my mind this week, probably because some major computer problems and our car being in the shop again for repairs have created a little bit of “intense domestic fellowship.” 🙂 This morning I listened to Malia Russell’s mp3 download, Marriage 911. In this inspiring teaching, Malia transparently shares about her marriage struggles, and how God taught her how to apply the principles of His word to become a godly wife and how to improve her marriage, which is now very blessed.

You can also purchase her other products for very reasonable prices, with topics ranging from 30 day freezer gourmet cooking to home organization, here.

Malia is a fulfilled wife and homeschooling mom, an excellent writer, and a great speaker. Her website offers encouraging, Biblical articles that are a real pleasure to read. She also has free downloads, in addition to their store’s products for sale. Be sure to also check out her blog, Homeschool Blogger.




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