Our precious grandkids Annabelle, Jacob & Violet
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Maturity in Christ

Our precious grandkids Annabelle, Jacob & Violet

Our precious grandkids Annabelle, Jacob & Violet

This past week our precious grandkids Annabelle, Jacob and Violet and other children across the U.S. began school. Surely time flies as it seems just yesterday they were born!

We’d think it was odd if they went to school still in Pampers and sucking on a pacifier or a bottle, wouldn’t we? Diapers, pacifiers, and bottles are for babies.

Just as children grow up, we as believers in Christ should grow and mature, too. We can’t stay “spiritual babies.” Yesterday morning I listened to my Speaker/Author friend Tony Robinson‘s Well Watered Woman, POWERFUL show with Lisa Shaw. Lisa spoke on this topic of maturity in Christ. It is a must hear for all who want to pursue a passionate relationship with God.

Click here to listen to this anointed show.

Let’s remember to keep our children, grandchildren, and all children and school staff in prayer this school year.



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