Moving forward into 2012

I hope you had a safe, happy New Year’s Eve. Ray was working at the E.R., so Leah and I stayed up until midnight, toasting to the new year with chilled, sparkling white grape juice, wearing our party hats, and blowing our horns. Leah may think her mom is ridiculous sometimes, but at least she can always say mom likes to have fun!

I am excited about 2012 and have new plans that I hope will excite you, too. Some of those plans include my Virtual Spiritual Spa, a 6-week intensive journey that will help you become closer to God, leave the pain of 2011 and other years behind, and move forward into 2012 with your spiritual healing and into your purpose more fully.

In this 6-week intensive class, you will receive 6 virtual trainings with mp3 telecall replays, a free copy of Katie Brazelton’s book Pathway to Purpose for Women, access to a private Facebook forum for support and motivation from other women of God, bite-sized, weekly email encouragement to get you moving faster into your purpose, and more.

Learn how you can make 2012 a year of fulfillment and spiritual healing in this 6-week intensive!

To learn more about this limited-seating class, just click here.



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