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Prayer for Ray’s healing

Ray got to call me tonight for the first time since he went to Port Au Prince, Haiti; he borrowed a cell phone from someone. It broke up a lot, but at least we got to talk, praise the Lord!¬† There are hardly any flights going out of Haiti now, so he’s not able to come home right now. He is going to try to be back within a week.

At the medical clinic (field hospital) he set up at pastor Jay’s compound, he said they are seeing an average of 250 people per day¬†there. Haitians are coming in each day to stay at the tent city on the compound field, and then go over to the medical clinic, wanting to be checked for various injuries/problems.¬† Today a Jewish orthopedic surgeron, an EMT, and two nurses arrived from the U.S. to help Ray, so that is good news!¬†

Ray has an upper respiratory cough, so please pray for total healing for him.¬† He specifically asked me for prayer for physical strength (he is exhausted), and for food for pastor Jay, him, the medical team, and the patients as they are quickly running out of food.¬†There is water, food, and medical supplies available in the area, but it’s locked up right now from government red tape and control,¬†so please pray for God to get these needs into the hands of the people.

There are still bodies buried underneath the rubble, and Ray said it will take years to remove all the debris as the area is just in ruins.¬† Where he’s at right now is tolerable, but when you¬†go more into the¬†heart of¬†Port-Au-Prince,¬†he said the stench is awful. Bodies are still being burned and/or buried. That is the harsh reality of the situation. The nation is in mourning.

There have been a few very minor aftershocks since the¬†-6.0 aftershock since¬†he’s been there, but they are becoming fewer and not lasting very long.

He will be home as soon as he can.

If you would like to donate to Ray’s medical mission in Haiti to help pastor Jay, click here.

I don’t know this music artist, but I found this video tonight on You Tube about Haiti. It’s VERY GRAPHIC.¬† Please pray for Haiti.



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