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Prayers of Expectancy; Karen Wells’ Show Replay

This weekend I attended the BALM ladies’ retreat at Immanuel Baptist Church, and the speaker Charlotte Asberger shared an acrostic, which I liked. It was HOPE.


In 1 Samuel, Hannah was married, but she had no children. She was barren, which was considered a source of shame in Biblical days. Her husband Elkanah was married to another woman, Peninnah, who had sons and daughters. This woman got on Hannah’s last nerve! She provoked Hannah continually about not having any kids. All Hannah wanted was a baby. Why did it seem God was holding out from her, the one thing she desired?

Yet Hannah knew God was the only One she could go to. She had HOPE – Holding On Praying Expectantly. She told God if He gave her the desire of her heart, a male child, she would dedicate him to God all the days of his life. God heard her prayer, and answered. Samuel grew up to be one of the greatest prophets in Israel in the Bible.

What are you praying for today? Have HOPE – be expectant that God will answer your prayers, above all you ask or think.

Did you miss my interview today about this important topic of prayer, with Counselor/Author/Speaker Karen Wells on her Woman to Woman Radio Show? It is for a fast half hour. There were a few technical difficulties with the sound, but other than that, it went well. You can still listen to the replay. Just click here.



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