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Ready for A Year That Counts?

Are you ready for a life this year that counts? That really matters?  That draws you closer to Jesus?

Here are some practical tips to do that:

Pull away to be alone with God for an hour, a day, a weekend.¬† Pray and seek God’s will and direction for your life. Get quiet and still before God.¬†He will speak to you great and mighty things.You don’t have to pray long for hours to do that.

You can pray anytime, anywhere. Your quiet time with God can be early in the morning as you’re getting ready for your day, in the afternoon when the kids are playing or reading, or at night before you go to bed. God just wants to be with you! He loves spending time with you!

Study God’s word each day, and let His Spirit speak to you. Obey Him.¬† Learn to repent quickly when you do mess up.¬† His word is a lamp to our feet. Only faith pleases the Lord. Our faith grows by hearing the Word of God, and by relying on and trusting in God.

Seek wise counsel from others.¬† In an abundance of counselors we wage war and have victory. Find spiritual fathers and mothers, mentors and life coaches to pour into you what they’ve learned, to speak truth, correction, advice,¬†and guidance into your life. They will help you along life’s journey. We weren’t meant to travel life alone.¬† We need others.

Eliminate whatever’s unnecessary. Learn the POWER OF PRUNING.¬† Identify distractions, hindrances, besetting sins that keep you from an intimate relationship with God, and that cause you to veer off your course this year.

Manage your time well.¬† Don’t let time thieves rob your life, especially your quiet time with God.¬† Make the most of every minute count, so that you can do and become what God has called you to and to be.¬† Take control of your time so that you won’t get to the end of your life (or year) with regrets over wasted time.

Remember how important PEOPLE are, not things. Life is more than making a lot of money, having nice things, building a great business or career.  Cultivate intimate relationships with people.  Spend time with those you love Рfamily and friends. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them every day, because we have no guarantees of tomorrow. Live as if each day were your last.

Get out of self.¬† Develop a servant’s heart like Jesus’ heart when He wrapped the towel around his waist and washed His disciples’ feet.¬† Help others in practical, needful ways.

Become a giver. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus, so we could live with Him forever. Give of your time, your money, your gifts, your heart.

Live your life intentionally and with laser focus. Discover your purpose, tap into your great potential. You have so much more¬†inside of you than you even realize!¬† You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far; God has so much more in store for you this year for His glory! He has great plans for you!

Don’t forget to have fun!¬†Life is not meant to be endured, but LIVED. ¬†We need to laugh more and have lots of fun every day. Look at how children laugh a lot, play and are so happy. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Become who God destined you to become.¬† Find out what your spiritual gifts are and begin using them for God’s glory and to further His kingdom.¬† Find your niche, your place in this world – and bless others with what God has deposited inside of you to minister to Him and to others.¬† This year, live a life that counts!

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