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Recipes for a happy home


Photo taken by Kathryn Bechen of her master bedroom. Copyright Kathryn Bechen Ink; please do not copy this photo without the written permission of Kathryn Bechen Ink.

Recently my husband Ray was asked to be the one to walk our friend Debbie’s daughter Amber down the aisle when she marries her fiance’ Ricky this coming October. We have known this family for years, sharing together the fun,¬†good memories, as well as the hard times – including when this family’s¬†beloved husband and father, Alan, died suddenly several years ago. Ray was honored that Amber asked him to escort her. Our prayers are that Amber and Ricky will have a happy, forever¬†marriage which is a glory to God.

It is¬†often said that¬†the honeymoon doesn’t last long. Creating a happy home isn’t always easy as you are¬†finally getting to know the real person of your mate, living every day with them. Suddenly there are¬†verbal spars¬†over the thermostat, the finances,¬†even the vacation spot!¬† Yet it is possible to have a happy, fulfilling marriage.

The Bible gives us the wisdom and tools that we need for the best marriage. It also tells us what not to do! 

I recently discovered Kathryn Bechen’s¬†beautiful website with her encouraging marriage article,¬†Creating a Happy Home. This article gives a recipe for both wives and husbands to have that fulfilling, passionate marriage.

I emailed Kathryn to ask permission to use her marriage article as a guest post here for Tablet Of My Heart, and to my surprise, she asked me to call her.  I did, and we had a lengthy, enjoyable conversation.  It was an honor to speak with her.  She is a warm, lovely person, who generously poured into me her wisdom and knowledge for almost an hour!

One of the first things I asked her, after seeing her gorgeous, all-white bedroom on her blog, was, “You don’t have any kids still at home, do you?”¬† (I envisioned our kids’¬†dirty handprints¬†all over those perfect white linens!¬† She laughed in response and said she had been asked that question before. The answer is no, they don’t have any children.)

Get to know Kathryn. I feel that one reason God may have brought her across my own path is to encourage me to write more Рand to write better.  I came away refreshed, inspired, and uplifted, as you will be visiting her site. I was also blessed that Kathryn mentioned me at her blog this week on this post.

Kathryn walks her talk about marriage, as she and her husband Steve Bechen have been happily¬†married 30+ years and¬†are best friends.¬† He is her business partner in her writing and speaking business.¬† Steve handles her accounting and computer systems, and is her “mastermind” buddy for new business strategies and ideas.

Kathryn’s website,¬†enhanced¬†by beautiful graphics,¬†is a wealth of¬† encouraging blogs, articles, and¬†ebooks that you will just love!¬† She¬†offers a variety of¬† practical, professional services.¬†You’ll also be inspired by her bed and breakfast blog. She and her husband Steve have stayed in over 60 B & B’s in 17 states since 1987.

Her writing credentials are impressive and substantial, including:

You will discover more of Kathryn’s incredible accomplishments at her¬†blog. ¬†I was simply amazed at all she has done and is doing!

I encourage you to read her story here of how God has been using her writing since she was a little girl to now being published across the world. She feels that her writing is the vehicle through which she serves Jesus best.  I so agree! 

Pour yourself a cup of¬†hot tea or a cold drink, and take some time to draw from the well of Jesus’ living waters there. While you’re there, be sure to check out her humorous poem, Decorating Without Divorcing.¬† This¬†poem was picked up by over 50 global media outlets, as it appears couples from Timbuktu to New York City have trouble agreeing on house decor!

And please share her marriage articles with others, Creating a Happy Home. It will be such a blessing.



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