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Repentance helps you to focus on your purpose

This week in my Stepping Stones Intensive Coaching class, we talked about Chapter 6 in Katie Brazleton’s book, Pathway to Purpose for Women: “Repent of All Your Offenses.”

Repentance is remorse or sincere contrition for our sins. It is, Katie writes on page 99, “regret and sorrow that leads to a willingness to change. Did you catch the word change?”

Repentance is not fun or comfortable, but it’s an important stepping stone in this journey of life.

“When we repent and move away from sin, God is pleased. When we repent, we are better able to hear Him and to focus on the purposes for which we were born.” (p. 98)

Sin can hinder or stop us from our life purpose. God wants nothing standing in the way of your intimacy with Him or the great destiny He has planned for you. This can also include condemnation for your past sins.

The visual I shared today in class was when Ray and I took our trip to Israel several years ago. We purchased new luggage for the trip, and packed both of our clothes for the 10-day trip into one giant suitcase.

When we arrived in Israel, we discovered that cars over there are much smaller (to save gas costs) and our tour guide, Yossi, was barely able to fit this enormous piece of luggage into the tiny trunk of his car. Since we traveled all over Israel, staying in different hotels, this large suitcase hindered us everywhere we went. We should have packed much lighter for this trip!

Several years ago, I became a flight attendant in Orlando, Florida, for an airline company whose smaller planes serviced Delta. That job taught me how to pack light for my flights, so I would be able to get places fast. Sometimes I would have four or five flights scheduled in one day, and I couldn’t afford to lug around a giant suitcase through different airports across the U.S.!

When we have sin and/or condemnationĀ  in our lives, it is like us carrying around an enormous suitcase everywhere we go, slowing us down or even stopping us from traveling ~ when a smaller rollerboard would work so much better and free us to get through “the airport of life” much quicker and to our destination of purpose.

What area of your life do you need to repent of and change today so that you can move faster into your great purpose? Or are you under condemnation for past sins? God will forgive you as you come to Him and repent. Ask God to show you.

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