Respecting our husbands

You can read a great book on marriage by Nina Roesner. It was written after listening to literally thousands of stories about struggles overcome and successes won through the Daughters of Sarah program. Based on the true lives of women whose marriages have been turned around by the Daughters of Sarah program, this book will give you real life, practical examples of ways to honor and respect your husband…which will result in a better, happier, more fulfilling marriage for you both!

Respect is what our husbands truly desire from us. Webster’s Dictionary defines respect as “an act of giving particular attention; consideration; high or special regard; esteem; deference.”

Ephesians 5:33b says, “And the wife shall respect her husband.”

Why is it so hard sometimes to respect our husbands? It is explained in Genesis 3:16, “To the woman God said, “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception. In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

The New Living Translation of this passage says, “And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.” Our sinful nature is the reason we have a hard time with respecting our husbands.

Do you relate? I do. I believe a lot of women today struggle with submission and respect of their husbands. Society reinforces disrespect of men with the disdainful attitude toward husbands and fathers that they are idiots, such as in The Simpsons cartoons.

We need to respect and honor our husbands the way they deserve, according to God’s word – not postmodern culture.

Respecting our husbands doesn’t mean we become a doormat, having no voice or say. It doesn’t mean being controlled, dominated, or abused. It is simply honoring their God-ordained position. Respect ministers to our husbands’ souls. It encourages and strengthens them in their daily walk with God and in the workplace – often a very difficult place to be for a Christian man today.

When we respect our husbands, we are obeying God. He will bless and reward us for it. Our marriages will thrive when we honor our husbands.

The stories in Nina’s book The Respect Dare will encourage you in your marriage. You can also sign up for Nina’s great marriage tips here.



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