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It’s been a long week. Ok, it’s been a long year, no LIFE! When I went to church this morning, I got prayer from the altar prayer team about Ray hurting his back badly at work, and one of the women gave me this simple word from God, “REST.” She emphasized it a couple of times to get it through to me. 🙂

In the beginning after God created the earth and everything in it, He said it was very good and He rested on the seventh day. That word “rested” in the original language is shabath, which means to cease, to desist from labor, to remove, to sit down, or sit still. How many of us ever really sit still – and if we do, we’re busy doing something like working on the computer, calling someone on the phone, paying bills, cleaning, etc.

How many of us rest from our worries and fears?

Are you anxious, worried, tired or weary? Sometimes we need to just be still from the world’s noise, from our busy activities, from our fears and anxieties – and trust and rest in God.

Here is a YouTube video of Kari Jobe singing that blessed and refreshed me tonight. May it help you to rest, and trust, in God.



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