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Safe in Haiti!

Car in rubble in Haiti

My husband Ray and his friend Shawn are now on the ground safely, in Haiti!  Praise God their plane was not turned away by officials in Haiti and was not re-routed to the Dominican Republic, like so many planes have been the last several days! 

Originally, they were supposed to take a plane to Haiti¬†today at 1 p.m., with a large number of doctors on board to give medical relief. However, plans quickly changed. Ray called me about 10 a.m. this morning, and said he was at the airport, about to get on another plane in one hour -a plane carrying food relief to Haiti.¬† The plane he was supposed to go on originally was not leaving at 1 p.m. after all, so he was getting on a¬†different plane.¬† He was rushed so I couldn’t get any other details!

Please keep them in prayer.¬†I appreciate it so much and will keep you¬†posted.¬† Leah (our daughter) and I just prayed for Ray’s, Shawn’s, and pastor Jay’s protection.¬† I’m going to fold some laundry now, listen to some audios, then head to bed –¬†expecting to hear some more exciting news from Haiti tomorrow morning!¬†

Here’s Ray’s Facebook post, updated several hours ago:

“On the ground in Haiti. Gotta love the news networks. “The American Military is in charge of the airport.” FYI: All six Airforce security personnel say hi. Commercial flight was cancelled, but got flown in on private executive jet. Walked right into the country without even a passport check. Compound is presently secure, but have gangs probing our perimeter. The devastation is unreal.”

If you wish to donate to this mission trip to give practical help to the people of Haiti, here is the link to Ray’s medical/security missions organization, SEMSAR.¬†¬†



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