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Shining Your Light for Christ

Last night our town had the Shine On event, with the goal of becoming first in Guinness World Records for “the most flashlights shone simultaneously.”  We should know later this week if we won.

It amused me that the townspeople were so excited about this. I don’t know the actual number of turn-outs, but a crowd came to hear a band play, to eat hotdogs, to wear their Shine On, black t-shirts available on sale for $10 at the Chamber of Commerce, and of course to shine their flashlights as the plane circled several times overhead to get a good picture.

Senior citizens brought lawn chairs to be comfortable while they waited for the “time to shine” and children ran around at dusk, playing tag. Pat with the Chamber of Commerce had a megaphone to shout instructions to the crowd as we stood two by two on the letters, “Shine On, Butler,” drawn on the townsquare concrete. It was like something out of a goofy comedy movie. Yes, this is DEFINITELY a small town! (WHY am I living here, LOL!)

This morning I was thinking that if people could get so pumped up over such an event, then how much more believers in Christ could get together and work in unity to spread the good news about Jesus!  

Are you “shining your light” for Christ today? Are you sharing your story, your heart’s important message, with others?

Here are some brief videos of last night’s event for your amusement.

Vlog of people in line getting a number (for Chamber of Commerce counting participants)

Vlog of people shining their flashlights toward plane, circling overhead to get pictures.

In this video below, I am standing beside two kids who I don’t know who were fighting!!!

Vlog of Butler townspeople giving “victory shout” after “Shine On, Butler” event



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