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SOS: Starting Out Speaking for Beginner Speakers – Your Bio

Woman speakingThis is part 5 of my SOS: Starting Out Speaking blog series. To read part 4, click here.

If someone were to ask you who you are, what would you say?

  • a wife and a mom
  • an organic¬†farmer
  • a volcanologist
  • a French chef on a cruise ship
  • a science fiction writer
  • a¬†life purpose¬†coach
  • an artist
  • an Indie musician
  • an underwater welder
  • an Alaskan Crab fisherman
  • a professional tea taster (yes, this is a real job!)
  • a celebrity look-alike.

Your who, your identity, isn’t what you do. But we often identify ourselves through our work, our education or knowledge, our gifts,¬†and our accomplishments, and these things help others to know how to relate better to us.

When an event planner introduces a speaker before he or she comes to the presentation area, it “preps” the audience. Your audience must get to know you before they trust you. Your credibility doesn’t always get established by bragging about your credentials or having them introduced. If your audience feels like you care about them, they’ll listen to you.

  • How does your topic relate to them?
  • What problem can you help them solve?
  • What is something new they learned?
  • What need can you meet?
  • What hurt can you help heal?
  • What encouragement can you give them?
  • How did you bring a smile to their faces or make them laugh?
  • What “aha’s” did they take away from listening to you; what will they remember?
  • How did you impact and/or¬†change¬†their lives?

In my next post, I’ll share more about the bio – what it should say, and what it should NOT include.

Are you enjoying this blog series? Share your comments below. What do you want to know about a speaker before he or she starts speaking? What don’t you want to know?

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