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BTR Show with Bess Blanco: Spiritual CPR (Renewing Your Mind)

This weekend I wasn’t anticipating an emergency. But I woke up numerous times Thursday and Friday night from excruciating pain in my teeth. I had previously made a dental appointment on March 19 for two cavities to be filled.

On Friday morning after my sleepless night, I called the dentist office to see if they could work me into their schedule. They were booked for a week, but they said since I was in that much pain, I probably had an infection, and they called in a prescription of antibiotics for me.

Friday night was even worse. I got almost no sleep and I begged God for mercy through the night TO JUST MAKE THE PAIN STOP. On Saturday morning, I called many local dentists to see if someone would see me. God gave me favor, and a dentist in the next town agreed to meet me at 11:30 a.m. for an emergency appointment. He said usually when you’re in that much pain, you either need a root canal or to have the tooth pulled.

I winded up getting my tooth pulled. The dentist had to use four shots to numb me (I’m hard to numb) and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). I didn’t feel a thing as he extracted the tooth, thank God. (I have VERY low pain tolerance!). I am so grateful to God for this dentist’s help ~ AND the shots and the laughing gas! The pain was just too great to bear.

Maybe in your life, you are in extreme pain, emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. You need an “emergency appointment” with God. He is the only One who can heal you, deliver you, and set you free.

Perhaps you struggle with thoughts of worry, stress, depression, discouragement, defeat, anger, unforgiveness, lust, gluttony, or other negative thoughts that are overwhelming you. You need a radical intervention – CPR of the mind, through renewing your thoughts with God’s life-saving, life-giving Word.

Join me and Health Coach Bess Blanco on her Family Health Matters Blog Talk Radio Show this Tuesday, March 13, at 10 a.m. Central Time (11 a.m. Eastern Time), as we discuss powerful principles for your spiritual health. This call will be a sneak preview of our webinar, CPR – Capture, Pull Down, and Replace Your Thoughts.

You can join us in the chat room here, or call in with the BTR call-in details below:

BTR Phone No.: (760) 283-4649

We’d love to see you there!

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