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Springtime: New growth

Yesterday I spent some time working out in the yard ~ mowing, weeding, and putting up a bird and hummingbird feeder. My neighbor’s yard man, Sam, is supposed to come over today to use his leaf blower to blow leaves out from the side of the house onto the lawn, shredding the leaves to tiny pieces. He said this will fertilize our lawn. That is fine, as long as the leaves are no longer like Mt. Everest on the sides of our house! He is also going to trim around our trees, and around our driveway pavement. We then will have a nicely manicured lawn.

I now feel eager to begin planting flowers in the beds, and will be able to enjoy the view of them, the birds and hummingbirds from our back deck. We have never had a deck before, so I am really looking forward to this ~ drinking coffee in the morning, feeling the warm sun on my face, and praying to the Lord.

Springtime is a time of growth, renewal, new life. This spring I want to meditate on the scripture in Revelation 21: 5 when Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new.”

What are some old things in my life that I need to get rid of ~ familiar, negative thought patterns, bad habits, sins? What areas of my life need new growth ~ extended prayer and Bible study time, more times of fasting, improved relationships? Where do I need to be renewed and refreshed ~ having more quiet time alone, reading a good book, taking a hot bubble bath after a long, tiring day?

As I drink my coffee and enjoy my flowers and the birds from the back deck, I want to ponder on these important things, drawing closer to Jesus each day. May I walk in more abundant life and new growth this spring.



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